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The 10 trends driving the market

Over the past five years, the NEXT Data & Insights team has asked more than 50,000 US consumers to predict whether other people would buy specific products. We do this by showing them a short description of a product concept and asking them to bet for or against that product. Because each product is coded by the trends it embodies, we can also say which trends are drivers of the market.

So, what are they? Of the 50 or so trends, 10 stand out.

The leading trends are…

  • Waste Reduction
  • Sourcing Responsibly
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Sugar Vilified
  • Verification
  • Clean Label
  • Healthy Microbiome
  • Craft & Artisanal
  • Allergens & Intolerance
  • Healing Diets

To learn more and see real products exemplifying these trends, download a portion of the NEXT Data & Insights team’s recent presentation at Natural Products Expo West, What’s NEXT? Product Trends & Innovations Driving the Growth of Health & Wellness Brands, or contact us to learn how these trends can impact your business.