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We have been talking about the plant-based revolution for years

People have been eating plant-based diets for thousands of years. A decade ago Michael Pollan popularized the conversation with his sage advice: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” Shifts in consumer values became more apparent. The conversation shifted from vegan and vegetarian to flexitarian and lessitarian. And over the past five years we have seen entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors engage.

We are still tabulating the data from Expo West 2019, but our first hand observations suggest that when the data is in we will see significant growth in plant-based products and claims. Expo West 2019 revealed that a large number of new business have been working to bring meat alternative products to a larger audience.

Cultural Force: Plant Wisdom

Get a list of all companies from Expo West 2019 that fell under the Plant Wisdom Macro Force and the related Eat More Plants and Plant-based Ethics trends.