Offering exclusive proprietary data, market intelligence and insider insights in health, wellness and natural products.

NEXT’s forward-looking, predictive solutions give companies a roadmap to successfully innovate.

Maximize your ROI and speed up innovation using data, intelligence and insights into what’s NEXT.

What is NEXT?

NEXT is a research consulting group that helps health, wellness and natural product innovators maximize their return on innovation investment by using proprietary data, intelligence and insights into what’s NEXT.

Our mission is to bring more health to more people by helping companies of all sizes use market and consumer intelligence to improve the way they do business, make data-driven innovation decisions, prioritize investments and improve decision making.

What sets us apart is our use of proprietary data collected at our Natural Products Expo West, Newtopia Now, our industry insider team of journalists, analysts, trend spotters, and our extensive network of industry connections, which collectively enable us to develop forward-looking, predictive solutions.