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3 Cultural Forces Disrupting the CPG Industry

With Natural Products Expo West just days away, this week we’re taking a look at the three paradigm-shifting cultural forces shaping the future of consumer goods. To better understand these cultural forces, in combination with 16 macro forces and the resulting 48 distinct trends in the marketplace, use the NEXT Trends Guidebook to study up before you set foot on the trade show floor in Anaheim.

Increased consumer awareness and engagement means a shift towards proactive health management.

Entrepreneurs and consumers alike are solving for environmental and nutritional health issues.

Advanced solutions from science and tech are sought out to help us manage the chaos around us.

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Learn about the changing nature of consumers and what’s driving a shift in consumer perceptions and demands. Then, find out which trends and innovations are driving growth and consumer relevance for the industry. Our latest analysis looks across our Concept Lab database to identify what factors predict purchase intent and probability of success. See you in Anaheim!