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Eeny, meeny, miney mo… where should this social content go?

We recently listened to an interview with Lauren Shafer of Michele’s Granola on Marketing Food Nerds, in which they discussed social media strategies and the idea that what works on Facebook may not necessarily work on Instagram. For example, their Facebook followers wanted to see more behind-the-scenes stuff, while their Instagram followers responded more to finished product glamour shots.

Which got us wondering… are these the same people toggling between Facebook and Instagram, wanting different things from the social media platforms? Or are they different people altogether? And how much content can be recycled between the two platforms?

While the answer to that will be different for every brand and every user, we can get an idea of the overlap with the help of a NEXT Data & Insights survey we launched over the summer. We asked 882 participants which social media platforms they use at least once per week – Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest? The results are best displayed using a Venn diagram, below.

Key takeaways:

  • Facebook, despite losing its appeal among the younger crowd, is still invited to the party.
  • If users are on Pinterest or Instagram, there’s a very, very good chance they are checking Facebook also.
  • If users are checking Facebook, there’s a decent chance they’re also on Instagram.
  • Very few people claimed to be a Pinterest-only or Instagram-only user. Those who claimed Instagram-only were slightly younger.
  • Pinterest users were slightly more likely to be on Facebook regularly than Instagram.
  • We also asked people if they checked food blogs regularly. While 22% of people said yes, more than 90% of those people were also on multiple other social media platforms.

So, the answer to our question – somewhere in the neighborhood of 70% of users are toggling between social media platforms… meaning brands would be well advised to keep their content fresh and take a different approach between platforms!

For more detailed information on this study or custom research into what these numbers look like for your brand’s social media followers, contact the NEXT Data & Insights team.