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Ingredient Trends to Watch, Part 2

We’re continuing our spotlight on ingredients this week, with four more trends to add to your Expo West watch-list. While these ingredients all got their start in the nutritional supplement aisle, they’ve recently made the jump to food and beverage products. The reason for the jump? Mix one part problem-solving for consumers with one-part cultural trends shaping the industry.

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These botanicals have an almost magical ability to perk you up when you’re tired or relax you when you’re stressed.


Health benefits of turmeric, namely its anti-inflammatory & antioxidant functions, are taking on new forms by the day.


Moringa has been ushered back into the spotlight by those looking to the wisdom of ancient cultures’ remedies.


Innovators are finding more palatable ways to deliver collagen’s benefits for healthy skin & hair, muscles & bones.

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