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Bringing a new product to market doesn’t have to be so ruff

We’d bet a squeaky toy you know someone who welcomed a new dog or cat into their family during the Covid pandemic. Rescue animals were named TIME magazine’s 2020 Pet of the Year, and no doubt about it, they bring something special to the mix.

Here at NEXT we’re excited to share news of our new addition too. MarketReady Insights is an Informa breed, err… brand, that helps health and nutrition businesses with regulatory consulting. Beginning this January, MarketReady joined the Data & Insights team. Together with NEXT and Nutrition Business Journal, we’ve got a toy box full of tools like no other.

So how does MarketReady spend its days? Well, it’s certainly keen to greet newcomers to the market. MarketReady helps US-based and international businesses that take part in Informa’s global events to meet US regulatory requirements and develop US compliant labeling and marketing.

MarketReady sniffs out non-compliance on labels, and like any good hound, is on the lookout for new, attractive claims which it tracks, retrieves and presents with delight. MarketReady particularly appreciates tasty brands and ingredients, but helps all brands, big or small, with compliant labeling and marketing for their new product lines and events.

Formulating a new product?

Understanding the market and regulatory requirements makes for faster, more cost-effective development. Fast games are more fun, yip yip!

Seeking or offering capital?

Use insider data to confirm you’re on the right track and let MarketReady guard that investment by avoiding compliance risks to keep you out of the dog house.

Looking for a marketing edge?

Combine NEXT trends data and MarketReady compliant claims to create unique marketing packaging that stands out from the pack.

We hope you’ll join us in welcoming MarketReady to the Data & Insights pack. And since this newsletter has gone to the dogs, we’ll sign off with ours – see you NEXTmonth!