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Consumer values: it’s what’s for dinner

What percentage of Americans are willing to pay more for brands that say they are involved in fighting climate change? How many say they will pay more for food grown using small scale agriculture? What about regenerative agriculture?

These are all questions many brands ask themselves when negotiating how to use the limited real estate on their packaging. My chocolate bar is an inch long. What five words should I write on the label? And does anyone care about farming and environmental issues in the midst of a pandemic and social unrest?

Unfortunately, these questions have no simple answers. They depend on the target audience, company values, and the product itself. But nevertheless, it can be helpful to know there is a wide-range in how the American consumer answers these questions.

A yet-to-be published NEXT Data & Insights study of over 600 U.S. consumers conducted in April, mid-COVID, provides a sneak peek into where brands might want to hone their message for a broad U.S. audience. Here’s a look at how consumers answered 8 of the 60 values we asked about.

Percent of U.S. consumers who agree or disagree with each statement

The results remind us that mid-COVID, nearly half of U.S. consumers still said they would pay more for products like food grown using small scale agriculture and environmentally responsible practices like regenerative agriculture. Also top of mind for consumers is fresh food without unnecessary processing.

If you’re interested in seeing the full survey results when we release them, please let us know. Plus, we’ll be discussing Is there a new normal for grocery shopping? on our webinar, in partnership with Suzy, on June 24th, 2pm Eastern, Don’t miss it!

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