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CBD and the Consumer

It is no more a secret than the gold rush was; there is tremendous opportunity in Hemp CBD. While consumers are quickly becoming familiar with Hemp CBD, their understanding lags far behind their general familiarity.

Earlier this year, NEXT Data & Insights partnered with Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) to analyze this opportunity in more detail. Together we surveyed a nationally representative sample of U.S. adult consumers to explore their understanding, perceptions and behaviors related to Hemp CBD.*

U.S. Hemp-Based CBD Supplement Sales

This survey revealed that there is opportunity:

  • Nearly half of U.S. adult consumers are familiar with Hemp CBD (47%)
  • 57% (of those familiar) considered purchasing Hemp CBD
  • 47% (of those familiar) actively researched Hemp CBD
  • 30% (of those familiar) purchased Hemp CBD
  • Hemp CBD concepts tested in the NEXT Concept Lab perform above average

Among those familiar with Hemp CBD:

  • 43% are unsure if Hemp CBD is legal
  • 31% believe Hemp CBD will make them ‘high’
  • 77% believe Hemp CBD may show up on a drug test

Among those who reported purchasing Hemp CBD:

  • 66% reported that it was highly effective (while 21% said it was moderately effective)
  • 76% reported that they will buy the same amount or more CBD in the coming months

*Note: This consumer survey was conducted in early Dec. 2018, before the U.S. Farm Bill approval.

The bottom line:

To be successful, the industry needs to address consumer confusion and the opportunity for continued exploration and repeat purchase is strong. Are you ready to be part of the next gold rush? Here’s a few ways you can learn more about the Hemp CBD market: