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Evolving Consumer Values

Recent NEXT Data & Insights survey results show consumer values are continuing to inspire and drive the good food movement. Consumers see buying products as an active decision that evaluates many criteria. As we saw last week, Millennials in particular are more likely to spend their money on products with positive social and environmental impacts.

Social & environmental issues matter

Proof of changing consumer values can be found in the marketplace. According to recent research by HowGood, products positioned to align with consumer values such as sustainability and transparency are showing strong sales growth. Brands who positively impact the environment and their community send a message to to the consumer through product attributes like grass-fed, direct-sourced, and certified organic… But do these attributes sell?

In the example category below, sales of yogurt products with sustainability standards are outperforming those without.

To learn more about the connection between the evolving values of today’s consumer and stand-out product innovation and their resulting marketplace performance, watch the Connecting with the Changing Consumer Summit, recorded earlier this year at Natural Products Expo West.

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