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The family that takes supplements together…

A recent NEXT survey of U.S. adults found that in households where the parent takes supplements, 69% of children also take supplements. And data suggests that within those households, digestive health is a focal point.

Our survey, conducted in early August, also found that 40% of supplement-taking U.S. adults take supplements for their digestive health. This number tracks even higher among supplement-taking parents, who use digestive health supplements at a rate of 59%. Our data showed an even higher digestive supplement usage rate of 74% among supplement-taking children (age 1-12), despite their overall supplement-taking rate at only 69% compared to their parents’ 89%.

These numbers may suggest the market is ripe for even more digestive health supplement line extensions formulated for children. Our survey revealed, in most cases, an informed, educated and engaged group of parents that are already supplement consumers would be an ideal target, especially for those parents already buying your functional food or supplement brand for themselves.

As we look at the reasons why parents report giving digestion supplements to their kids, digestive health isn’t the only focus. The parents we surveyed reported their top three reasons for personally taking digestive supplements mirror the top three reasons for giving them to their children: general health, vitamin/mineral intake, and to boost immunity.

One major difference? Parents’ fourth most common reason for taking digestive supplements was increased energy for themselves, but it comes as no surprise that relatively few parents reported seeking increased energy for their children. Boy, can we relate! Now, go. to. bed!

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