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We promise not to say “unprecedented”

About six months into the global COVID-19 pandemic, it may be too soon to confidently predict the future… But it’s never too soon to look for a silver lining.

As stay at home orders began this spring, it was unclear how consumers would respond to massive uncertainty, economic pressures, and disruption to their work and personal lives. No one knew how consumers would adjust their budgets and what would be prioritized and deprioritized in the face of shattered habits and disrupted routines.

In early April, the NEXT team set out to better understand how consumers were thinking about grocery shopping and their health. We wondered, would consumers prioritize convenience over health as they rushed in and out of grocery stores and balanced tightening budgets? We found that in this time of uncertainty, focusing on one’s health appears to be of high importance to consumers. In fact, focusing on physical and mental health may be one of the few things consumers feel they can control.

On April 13th and again on June 13th, we asked consumers how they are prioritizing grocery decisions:

While some consumers are employing a mix of health and convenience strategies, 49% say they are prioritizing health over convenience. This finding is reinforced by other research we’ve seen, such as rising levels of consumer supplement usage, and consumer prioritization of nutrition and quality supplements over cost savings.

So, where’s the silver lining? Consumers are increasingly seeing the importance of investing in their health. This provides a greater opportunity for our industry to serve consumers by empowering them to take control of their nutrition and manage their health proactively.

Is it time to restart your innovation engine? Habits have been disrupted and reformed. Do you have the data needed to capitalize on changing consumer habits and priorities? The NEXT team is here to help.

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