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That’s the way the cookie crumbles

The ketogenic diet has risen to that level; the level where we begin to ask questions like, do we really need keto cookies and ice cream? As we find ourselves asking this and similar questions, first let’s revisit the origins of the diet for deeper understanding.

The ketogenic diet isn’t just the latest weight loss diet trend. The keto diet began as an effective control for refractory epilepsy in children and continues to present a powerful tool for many who are looking for solutions to personal health challenges. High in fats (up to 80% of caloric intake), the diet requires such a low-level of carbohydrate intake that the body burns fat instead of glucose. Keto dieters effectively replace glucose as the primary energy source with ketone bodies, produced from fat, putting the body in a state of ketosis.

More recently the ketogenic diet has risen in popularity due in part to the biohacking movement, intermittent fasting and experimentation among athletes. It has also been compared to, and is often discussed in the same context as, the Atkins and paleo diets. Nowadays, the pathways for consumers to find and enter the diet have expanded to include general well-being, weight loss, as well as athletic and mental performance. Within this context and considering these consumer motivations, one may question the merits of keto cookies and other similar indulgences. These same doubts have been raised for other diets when considering the context of weight loss.

Before judging these keto innovations with a cynical eye, pause and remember there are consumers who are looking for and have found relief from persistent health issues through the ketogenic diet. Within the context of a consumer experiencing these benefits from ongoing adoption of the diet, we can better understand the role keto indulgences play in helping to manage a keto lifestyle that’s focused on relief from symptoms and long-term health management.

The question that remains is how big this audience is and if it will support this sort of innovation. Stay tuned as we take a look at some indicators of the size and growth of keto next week.

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