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What kind of milk do US consumers want?

Living in Boulder, Colorado, it’s not unusual to overhear someone ordering a fair-trade, single-source, organic mushroom oat milk latte (well, maybe a little…), but it is very easy to imagine no one drinks conventional cow’s milk anymore… which is not even remotely true.

NEXT’s Concept Lab results give us great insight as to what the country is actually interested in buying. The Concept Lab lets 1,000 US consumers (representative of the US population) “shop” for 40 conceptual products in a virtual marketplace each month. Participants tell us whether they would buy a product or not (Purchase Intent) and predict whether others will (Market Prediction). Over the last five years, the Concept Lab has seen over 30 kinds of milk, including many types that most Americans have easy access to or find affordable.

So, given a price-free, all-access milk market, what would people buy?

Curious how your product concept would score on purchase intent and market prediction metrics? Eager for consumer feedback and expert recommendations on your product idea before you go to market? Contact the NEXT Data & Insights team today to learn how the Concept Lab can help your brand increase your odds of success on your next product launch.