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Innovation trends we’re watching at Expo East

Baltimore or Bust! As Expo East comes to a close, here’s a few innovation trends that caught our eye. Be sure to check them out before you leave!

Healthy Microbiome

So much more than probiotics – look out for brands tackling gut health in new ways.

RESTORE is a liquid supplement linking gut and brain health that goes beyond probiotics, helping to support tight junction cellular integrity and diversify your microbiome the natural way. It’s soil derived carbon molecules, U.S. sourced, and naturally rich in a variety of humate substances, trace minerals and amino acids. RESTORE’s active ingredient, Terrahydrite®, isn’t a bacteria; it’s a family of molecules made by bacteria to support gut cellular health weakened by too many invaders like glyphosate and chemicals found in the air and water we ingest daily. Booth 3014

To truly help your microbiome flourish, diversity is key. And according to Enzymedica, studies show that a higher intake of Omegas EPA, DHA, and now DPA are critical for promoting microbial diversity. Enzymedica’s Aquabiome fish oil product focuses on a unique blend and optimal ratio of omegas to influence good microbiome health, ultimately linking microbiome health to balanced energy levels, mood, brain health, cardiovascular health, immune health, and of course, digestion. Booth 3543

Whole Food Plant Based Protein

Plant based protein is of course where current research is focused – from soy, gluten, and pea protein isolates – but be on the lookout for challenger plant-based enthusiasts eschewing high-tech imitations in favor of whole plant foods that show up as their true and whole selves.

NoBull Burger is not out to tease you into thinking you’re eating mock-meat made from soy or pea protein isolates, or wheat gluten. Instead, this brand really is ‘no bull.’ This veggie burger truly is a veggie burger, made from organic lentils, brown rice, quinoa, garbanzo beans – for protein – plus coconut milk and roasted veggies. Nothing grown in a lab, no preservatives, additives or chemicals. Booth 8048

88 Acres, along with other brands, are bringing consumer awareness to watermelon seed protein. 88 Acres’ watermelon seed butter is a simple formula made from the white seed within the watermelon seed shell. It has more protein than almonds or peanuts, it’s an allergen-friendly protein source, and requires much less water than almonds to produce. Booth 8309

Sugar Avoidance & Natural Whole Food Sweeteners

The industry is fractured on how to deal with the negative turmoil surrounding sugar as the number one public health villain. Experimentation is multi-pronged, from low glycemic food-based sweeteners, to zero calorie alternatives, to redefining sweet, or making room for savory in traditionally sweet foods.

Minna: Botanical flavoring, no sugar added sparkling water. Booth 653

Mavuno Harvest: Dried jackfruit, no sugar added. Booth 1134

Know Brainer: Keto creamer made with collagen, grass-fed ghee, MCT oil, and zero calorie monk fruit. Booth 6409

Monk Fruit is the emerging sweetener to watch

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