NEXT has solutions ranging from wholly custom qualitative and quantitative suites, to affordable plug & play concept testing.

NEXT Concept Testing

Put your new product to the test before you bring it to market

We will use quantitative and qualitative research methods to evaluate your product idea, and to provide a custom scorecard containing Purchase Intent and Market Prediction metrics, detailed consumer feedback, and expert recommendations.

NEXT Trend Database

The tool that drives disruptive innovation in the growing Health, Wellness & Natural Products marketplace

This business intelligence solution, which provides proprietary pre-shelf natural products data, future trend insights, and quantification of patterns in innovation, is used to help companies quickly recognize and act on emerging market opportunities.

Natural Products Expo Discovery & Insights

An insider’s guide to the industry’s biggest show

Problem: The innovation team at a major CPG wanted its brand teams to ensure an impactful experience at Expo West.

Solution: A pre-Expo orientation and inspiration session coupled with Expo Trend Guidebooks helped identify key trends and highlight the “must see” companies, products and education sessions that embodied these trends.

Result: The team’s Expo experience was much more impactful. Participants gained a new profound understanding of, and appreciation for, key trends and real-world examples.

Multiple Forces Analysis

Analyze the forces that impact success

Problem: A mid-sized CPG with a portfolio of well-known brands was struggling to get its stakeholders to agree on how to address Health, Wellness and Natural Products opportunities.

Solution: A customized 8-dimensional Multiple Forces Assessment that leveraged numerous qualitative and quantitative inputs from the client, and augmented those inputs with our own proprietary data and expert opinion, to build an empirical assessment of each area of opportunity.

Result: This led to aligned strategic action plans with stakeholders who better understood the context and implications of their business challenges. A strategy session with the client’s leadership team also included a facilitated discussion around action plans.

Market Research Surveys

Market research solutions aimed to provide small CPGs and growing brands with off-the-shelf, quick-turn services to better their market research efforts.


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From emerging brands testing bleeding edge products to large CPGs and ingredient suppliers looking for M&A consultation, our clients come to us with unique and interesting challenges. Have a problem you’re looking to solve? Whether it’s a go-to-market strategy or an exit-strategy, we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work!

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