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What’s NEXT? Product trends & innovations driving the growth of health & wellness brands

The NEXT Data & Insights team shared an exciting new view into the product trends and innovations that are driving growth for health and wellness brands in the market today. Presented at Natural Products Expo East 2019.
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How evolving consumer values are boosting the good food movement

The average consumer’s values are changing in ways that continue to drive natural products sales – here’s the lowdown.
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9 ways your brand can support the regenerative movement

Learn how to engage with farmers, consumers and policy-makers to build a foundation for the growing regenerative agriculture movement.
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Is the expectation of scale holding you back?

The consumer success model is shifting from products designed to win long-term to a portfolio designed to shift faster and more frequently. Can the food industry adapt?
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Certifications: What role should they play in your marketing strategy?

Presented at SupplySide West 2019
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Engaging the Connected Consumer: Taking Instagram to the NEXT Level

It’s no secret that social media is quickly replacing traditional marketing channels as the way to reach younger consumers. The NEXT Data & Insights team dove into the rapidly growing area of influencer marketing and why brands in the natural and organic space need to to do more than just drive consumer awareness and trial. Presented at Expo West 2019.
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What’s NEXT? Product Trends & Innovations Driving Health & Wellness Growth

Over the past 5 years, the NEXT Data & Insights team has asked more than 500,000 U.S. consumers to predict whether other people would buy specific products. Because each product is coded by the trends is embodies, we can also say which trends are drivers of the market. Presented at Expo West 2019.
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Ingredient Trends: From Birth to Maturity

A model for evaluating the growth of an ingredient trend. Created through the combined data and partnership of New Hope’s NEXT Data & Insights team and Nielsen. Presented at Expo East 2018.
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Consumers’ values and needs push natural foods to innovate, advance

The natural foods industry has the power to improve nutritional deficits, social inequalities, the environment and climate through its practices. Discover trending products and innovations that are rising to the challenge this Natural Products Expo West 2019 session.
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Dollars & Trends: How Investors Decide Where to Put Their Money

Exploration of natural and organic product trends through the lens of investors and progressive consumers; how to improve your investment pitch and what you can do to stand out in a competitive marketplace. Presented at Expo West 2018.
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A New Frontier in Product Innovation: Whole Foods

Natural foods experts and pioneers talk about what a whole food is, why consumers are looking for more whole foods, what they expect and some things brands should keep in mind to succeed both as a business and with consumers.
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NEXT Forecast 2018 (Free Preview)

Get a glimpse of: the market size for food & beverage categories, ingredients driving the inherently functional trend, and learn which categories are driving innovation with maca.
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